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The topic of Cosmetic Dentistry in Pet Grooming
Animal Protection Relevant removal of tartar in dogs and cats without anesthesia.
Increasingly apply Hundesalons one? Professional teeth cleaning by ultrasound "
and argue that the animals would save you a general anesthetic. The reference to
professional dental cleaning for people - indeed successes without anesthesia - is
used as an argument for doing so.
Simply be ignored in this case the three purposes of anesthesia:
- Turning off of consciousness
- Turn off the pain
- Relaxation of the muscles
Anyone who has been with his pet to the vet knows that even cajoling, at
the simplest measure has only a small influence. Of painful procedures
do not even talk. That scaling is not very pleasant, white
turn everyone who once experienced this myself with him.
The man opens the dentist more or less voluntarily mouth. the Beast
certainly not - it needs a device that unlock the mouth and during the
Stopping treatment. With full awareness experienced, this leads to the most violent
Defensive movements of the animal. Is this frame once installed, is the
Next Horror ':


The ultrasound probe ! Water sparkling and noisy in a frequency that the
sensitive dog ears is certainly more uncomfortable than us humans , is
the foreign body introduced into the animal 's mouth.
Then the pain when the probe touches the teeth.
Unlike the people who mostly cosmetic reasons for cleaning teeth
go , the condition is usually much worse when the animals.
Open necks of the teeth , inflamed gums , tooth fractures covert and much more are
most frequently encountered here .

If you imagine now requires that this deferred pain herds now even with a
Ultrasound probe is moved to the body, then the -parents among us certainly feel
Dustin Hoffman ' Marathon Man' recalls in the film , where he was tied to the chair of a
sadistic dentist was tortured. Such an approach as a love of animals and
' Anxiety before anesthesia ' is to denote certainly more than questionable.
Purely medical point of view , such a Zahnreingiung performed by laity
Be cosmetic . Causes and consequences of calculus are ignored in this . unique
Symptoms glossed over . Deep -seated problems and lack of X-ray control
Expertise not found .

Pet owners who are entertaining the thought of her old pet anesthesia to a
save , keep in mind that a properly managed and monitored anesthesia, the
definitely gentler approach is .
When specially equipped and trained veterinarian , the patient is optimally
supplies . With heart and respiratory monitor systems monitored directly by intubation and
dosed with oxygen and anesthetic gas supplies , with
kreislaufstabilisierender infusion support , the animal remembers nothing of the procedure. in all
Care can be examined and treated the teeth . The dental status
is made ​​are recorded during the treatment by an assistant with x-ray
Control and photo documented. Erhaltbare teeth are not including all
associated roots ( ! ) removed , gum sores are supplied .
But the follow-up is important!

The mouth area is naturally the most dirty areas of the body bad
out . Inflammation e.g. must be treated with antibiotics before the entire
Body and / or heart attack . All this can not afford a pet grooming - he may it
not even because the animal medical education and licensure missing.
Who cares even for the formal contexts and backgrounds can
read about this in a leaflet of the Veterinary Association for Animal Protection Association narrowing (DVT ) .
Otherwise: A consultation on specialized and trained for teeth
Veterinarian , the individual worth and possibilities , opportunities and risks very
to promote clear days. Get information and advice!